Sensory Fun

Cloud Dough

How to make Cloud Dough:

4 cups flour

1/2 cup oil

essential oils ( if you prefer a scent)

Scoop and pour the flour into the center of a tub, large bowl, or large deep rectangular baking dish.

Pour the oil into the flour and mix with a spoon or fingers if you prefer.

After the incredients are mixed, add molds such as; silicone cupcake holders, cookie cutters,plastic cups,ice cube trays, or an ice cream scoop to create fun shapes with the dough.


Play some of your child's favorite music as you create together in the kitchen!

Let your child use an apron as they create to play dress up!

Have a pretend tea party or ice cream social with the created cloud dough cupcakes or ice cream sundaes. Invite siplings or parents to join in with the fun!

Rainbow Colors Marble Painting:

Use a small pie pan and line it with a piece of paper in the shape of a circle. Drop marbles in rainbow colored tempera paint and put mables on the paper. Roll the marbles in the pan.

You can also use a rectangular box lid if a pie pan is not available.

Kids Craft Room

Shaving Cream Marbled Painting

Using a deep rectanglar baking dish spray enough shaving cream to cover the bottom of the dish. Put droplets of food coloring in all colors on top of the shaving cream.Children's craft paint can be used as well.

Mix the colors gently swirling with a fork , spoon handle or chop stick. If you have tooth picks that might be fun too!

Lay a piece of paper on top very gently, or use lightweight cardboard (side of cereal box will do!)

Lift up and see the beautiful print created!

You can use a butter knife or icing tool to help your child scrape off the excess shaving cream by starting at one end of the painting and making a downared motion with the tool being used.Changes to the original design will occur with this technique, which will be a surprise for your child.Fun!

Shapes such as butterflies can be created after the shaving cream has dried!

Wearable Straw Art

Create necklaces using cut up straws and yarn or string.

Small constrution shapes with a hole punch in them or craft beads can also be strung to create necklaces or bracelets!

Cardboard Roll Fireworks!

Using an empty TP roll cut strips on one end of the roll and encourage your child to dip the cut end of the roll nto paint and make prints on paper. By layering the prints your child can create an abstract piece of art which resembles fireworks!

Learning 4 Kid

Forks can also be dipped into kid safe craft paint and used to create prints. If these prints are layerd colors will mix; such as blue and red will create purple or yellow and blue will create green. Have fun exploring!

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