Water Walking

What You Need:

  • Food Coloring or Liquid Watercolors

  • Water

  • Paper Towels

  • Clear cups

What You Do:

  1. First, fill two cups mostly full with water.

  2. Add a primary color to each of those cups and mix well

  3. Fill the third cup with some water, but only about half as much as is in the other two cups

  4. Take two paper towels and fold or twist them. Place on end of the paper towel into the colored water and one end in the plain water. Do this to both paper towels, so that one end is in each cup of colored water with both paper towels leading to the plain water in the middle.

  5. Wait, and watch! The water will naturally level itself out between all three cups, and as it does that, the colored water will travel in to the middle cup to fill it equally. This allows the colors to mix!

  6. For an extra challenge, use 6 cups and alternate one primary color to one plain water cup, linking them in a line or circle to mix all the colors together!

  7. Encourage your child to record what happened - either by drawing a picture, writing the description (scribbles are okay!) or even by taking a video recording. Retelling what happened is great practice for memory and recall skills!

  8. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun with this!