Social Emotional Learning

Supporting Social Emotional Development at home:

  • Understanding Emotions

  • self-regulation

  • problem solving skills

  • Second Step-The program we utilize in the classroom has a site (parent access codes will be sent to you through Class Dojo).

Books for Social Emotional Learning:

This site has books you can use to help teach different social emotional skills. It gives a description of each book and also the skills incorporated.

Family Fun Jar

Create a family fun jar. Write ideas that you can talk about as a family or activities you want to do together. You can make it simple with things like: What is something that makes you happy? How could you make someone new feel welcome in your class. Family activity ideas: Play a card game together, Go for a walk/bike ride. Have a scavenger hunt for colors around the house.

Sensory Bottles:

Sensory bottles are a great way to help little ones re-center themselves when their emotions become overwhelming. There are a variety of materials you can use to make them. This site will help you explore some of those. I have found that the VOSS water bottles tend to work the best for these.

Calming Ideas:

Sometimes emotions can overwhelm us as adults and it is the same for children. They do not have all the skills and vocabulary to know how to express themselves all the time. Sometimes they just need to be able to calm themselves down. This site gives some ideas on activities they can do to help calm themselves with all the changes currently taking place in their lives.