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We know...

  • That this is a strange time in our world

  • That your goal (and ours!) is to keep your family safe

  • That you were not planning to begin homeschooling your child

  • That you are your child's first teacher
    Our goal is to support you, and your child's education, during this time

Charleston Project HELP Remote Learning Lessons - 5_18-5_22_20.pdf

Sample Schedule

Between 20 and 60 minutes of learning per day. We understand this is less than a normal day, but we also understand the challenges this new form of learning can hold.

We suggest 5-10 min each for art, music, science, language arts, math, and social-emotional (check out the links on the top of this page for suggestions or ideas!)

20-30 min of gross motor time

Please note these are only suggestions, if your child is engaged and enjoying themselves you can go as long as they wish. The important thing to remember is that learning is fun!

Daily Story Time

Little Quack's Hide and Seek-By: Lauren Thompson, Illustrated by Derek Anderson.

Read by: Ms. Hutton

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great time of year to help your child focus on colors. There is so much color to find outside and within your home. Perhaps today would be a good day to go on a Rainbow Scavenger Hunt with your child. If you can, take pictures of all of the colorful things your child finds, or encourage him or her to color pictures of the items. Later, encourage your child to tell a sibling, parent or other adult about all of their colorful finds!

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